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dance like nobody's watching; love like you've never been hurt. sing like nobody's listening; live like its heaven on earth. --Mark twain 

"Fully Alive outreach helps dunwoody woman share her life's lessons...   

  • Fount of Love0:00
  • Love Come Alive0:00
  • Only Hope I've Got3:22
  • Forever Love3:52
  • Swinging Through the Hard Times2:51
  • My Paper Heart3:27
  • I Want to Be Free2:55
  • L-O-V-E2:34
  • Give Me the Simple Life2:13
  • We Have Love2:58
  • Free To Be Me3:28
  • Origins4:25
  • Simple3:01
  • Marvelous Light3:11
  • Mona Lisa3:16
  • As Sure as the Sun3:23
  • Darn It, Baby That's Love2:40

"Fully Alive FOUNDER" BELIEVES IN THE UNBELIEVABLE ... the carbonaro effect 

Deanna Mitchell, founder