As for me,  more than once I've been able to search my soul and discover a clearer understanding and meaning regarding a personal situation when I have written about it. Sometimes, all I needed was to get something off my chest and onto paper; other times, writing has helped me prepare for a much needed discussion. Writing has also given me a great deal of peace and comfort. I personally contribute MUCH OF my joy, peace and happiness to the fact that I know God is always loving, caring, and listening; and when I'm listening, and the timing is right, He provides perspective and guidance as to when I should  keep something in my heart, when I should simply let go and turn it over to Him, and when I should pursue a conversation or action.      ~Deanna

  • The Way You Look Tonight (Swing Time)3:15
  • Darn It, Baby That's Love2:40
  • Shall We Dance (Shall We Dance)2:35
  • When I Fall In Love3:11
  • Fallen3:55
  • You Make Me Happy4:01
  • Swinging Through the Hard Times2:51
  • Darn It, Baby That's Love2:40
  • Simple3:01
  • The Way You Look Tonight (Swing Time)3:15
  • Cheek to Cheek (Top Hat)3:21
  • Unforgettable3:12
  • Songbird4:00

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writing is one of the ways i process life

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