Nana's Balm was created as an alternative to the commercial products I had been using that contained toxic chemicals. Today I use Nana's Balm from head to toe every morning and night, and I can't imagine using anything else on my skin ever again!

Whether you are experiencing the early signs of aging, fine lines, irritation, or other skin imperfections, pure, organic ingredients will help achieve the best results for your skin care.

Although I am a strong believer that diet plays the largest role in how our skin looks and feels, skin care using natural remedies like this homemade balm with essential oils, carrier oils and Shea Butter will help create and maintain healthier skin. While essential oils such as frankincense encourage cell regeneration, the pure carrier oils are absorbed safely and effectively, allowing our skin to retain the maximum amount of moisture.

I would suggest starting small… first using the balm on your face until you're used to the smell and texture.

I knew I had mastered the ingredients when I received a text from my world-traveling missionary son stating ...

"Mom, I am obsessed with this last batch of Nana's Balm!"

Please keep me updated ... I'd love to hear your feedback and experience.

Aloe Vera
Almond Oil
Coconut Oil      
Shea Butter

Vitamin C
Vitamin E

nana's balm


Clary Sage

Tea Tree
Ylang Ylang


2 oz     $25

8 oz     $75